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42.195 km presented by marathon.HK - Long Distance Running Site for Hong Kong and China. We are runners too.  

Got enough 10k runs and half marathons under your belt? Then pack your running apparel and running shoes and select one of the best courses in Hong Kong and China.

This site will not only try to list the best events in Hong Kong and the region, show dates and where to enroll for your next run. It will also help finding free pictures and videos of yourself once you have finished, help you with your rank and time and list results of races that you couldn't join. 

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Upcoming Events

Taiwan 07 November 2009 Taroko International Marathon 2009
Zhejiang 08 November 2009 2009 Hangzhou International Marathon
Macau 06 December 2009 Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon 2009
Taiwan 20 December 2009 2009 Fubon Taipei Marathon (formerly ING)
Fujian 02 January 2010 2010 Xiamen International Marathon
Hong Kong 17 January 2010 China Coast Marathon 2010
Hong Kong 28 February 2010 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2010
Taiwan 28 February 2010 2010 Beauty of Shuang-si Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Marathon


February 2010

Tainan Ancient Capital Marathon 2010


March 2010

Taihsi Marathon 2010


March 2010

Carrefour Taipei International Freeway Marathon 2010


Mar/Apr 2010

2010 Kenting National Park Pingtung Marathon


Mar/Apr 2010

2010 Chinese Zhengzhou-Kaifeng International Marathon


April 2010

ANA Cup Dalian International Marathon Race 2010

Tibet July 2010 The Great Tibet Marathon 2010


November 2010

2010 Hangzhou International Marathon

Previous Races at  marathon.HK - We are runners too.

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 marathon.HK - We are runners too.